Chapter 9 and 10

  5 words: 1. Splutter - Neaiškiai kalbėti
                   2. Quiver - Strėline
                  3. Rhyme - Rimuoti
                 4. Vanishing - Išnykti
                5. Stammer - Mikčioti
               6. Mercy - Gailestis
               7. Harness - Pakinktai
              8. Foamy - Putotas
             9. Shiver - Šiurpulys 
           10.Glaring - Ryškus

I choose the scene then the childrens have got a gifts from the Father of Chrismtas. Because the gifts like everyone.

 (In the chapter 10)

In the ten chapter Peter, Susan, Lucy and Mr Beaver began to prepare themselves into coats, but Mrs Beaver started to picking up food, tea and other things.
What are you doing, Mrs Beaver? Ask Susan.
I am packing a food for a journey, did you nothing eat?
But we havent time:- said Susan
Then the Mrs Beaver finish packing. The snow had stopped and the moon had come out when they began their journey. They was walking then the beaver stopped we are stopped because this is a hiding-place for beavers in a bad times.
Its not much of a place but we must get a few hours sleep say Mr Beaver.
The Mrs Beaver handed round in the dark a little flask out of which everyone drank something - it made one cought and splutter a little and stung the throat, but it also made you feel deliciously warm after you d  swallowed it and everyoone went straight to sleep. Later they are heard the jingling bells.
Mr Beaver was out of the cave to watch that it is. The others all sat in the cave waiting and listening.
Then they heard something that frightened them very much. Oh, thought Lucy, he is been seen shes caught him.
Suddenly they heard, its all right Mr Beaver shouting, come out. Childrens come out of the cave.
Watch said, Mr Beaver you see its sledge and the reindeer with bells on their harness.
But they were bigger than the Witchs reindeer, and they were not white but brown  and on the sledge person whom everyone knew. It was a Father of Christmas. Father of Christmas gave the gifts Mrs Beaver have got a  new and better sewing machine, Mrs Beaver have got a new sluicegate fitted, Pete have hot a shield and sword, Susan have got a bow and a quiver full of arrows and a little ivory horn and Lucy have got small dagger.

(In the chapter 9)

In the nine chapter Edmund went to the white witch castle  then he went to the courtyard he saw a lion.
He thougth that lion was alive. So he want to wait then the lion goes away. After the long time Edmund saw that lion was a statue. Then he go near to the lion he saw dozens of statues. Edmund walked till he goes to the another gates and near the gates enter there was a laying wolf. Edmund talk with him self its all right, its all right, its only a stone wolf. It cant hurt me and he raised his leg to step over it.
The wolf opened his mouth and said in a growling voice:
Whos there? Stand still, stranger and tell me who you are. My name is Edmund, and I am the son of Adam. I have come to bring her the news that my brother and sisters are now in Narnia. Wait there said wolf. A few minutes later wolf go back and said come in. Then Edmund follow the wolf he saw a faun he was very sad. Then they stopped going Edmund saw a white witch. Edmund thought that now everything will be okay but he wrong. The news that Edmund said to the white witch was not good.

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  1. Good word choice! :)
    however, your letters are a bit dark, you could choose a lighter colour - it would make it easier for us to read.
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