Chapter 11

In the chapter 11.

1. Edmund had been having a most disappointing  time. The dwarf had gone to ready the sledge. Edmund  think that Witch would start being nice to him like in their last meeting, but the witch was very evil and rude, because then Edmund ask if he can get some turkish delight she said:- You - you - said - she answered, silence, fool. The White Witch clapped her hands and another, dwarf appeared.
 Bring the human creature food and drink, said Witch.
 The dwarf went away and presently returned bringing an iron bowl with some water and dry bread on it. The dwarf  lay down the iron bowl with some water and dry bread beside Edmund, and said:
Turkish Delight for the little Prince. He lay down and started laugh.
Take it away said Edmund. I don't want dry bread. The Witch suddenly turned on him with such a terrible expression on her face, that he apologized and began eat the dry bread. Then Edmund eating dry bread, suddenly the first dwarf come back and said the sledge is ready to go. The snow was again falling as they came into the courtyard. They sit down in the sledge, the Witch called Maugrim and said go to the beaver house and kill whatever you find. The wolf shot into the snow and darkness. Dwarf whipped up the reindeer, and the Witch and Edmund drove out into darkness and the cold. This was a terrible journey for Edmund because he didn't have coat. This journey thas like a dream think Edmund and he thought that he can wake up at any moment. But hour after hour and he know that this is not a dream. They going very long the snow had stopped and the morning have come suddenly the Witch said:- What have we here? Stop.
Edmund hoped that she will said something about the breakfast. But she had stopped for quite a different reason. A little way off at the foot of a tree sat a merry party, a squirrel and his wife with their children, two satyrs, dwarf and an old dogfox, there was decorating of holly. The everybody had stopped eating then they saw a sledge and the Witch. 
What is the meaning of this? asked Witch Queen. Nobody answered.
Speak vermin she said again. Or do you want my dwarf to find  you tongue with his whip?
Why you waste your time, there where did you get all this things?
Please, your Majesty, said the fox, we were given them.
Who gave you this all things to you?
 F-F-F-F Father of Christmas, stammered the Fox.
What? He has not been here, he cannot have been here. Say you have been lying and you shall even now be forgiven.
One young squirrels shout He has, he has - he has.
She have been get very angry and the all animals have been only statues of creatures. The Witch sit down in the sledge and said drive on. Edmund first time in this story felt sorry. They drive slower and slower however dwarf whipped the poor reindeer. Suddenly sledge stucked and Edmund heard the runing water sound.
Don't sit staring fool get out and help.
Of course said, Edmund. He go out of the sledge into the snow. They try to stretch the sledge.
Its no good your Majesty, said the dwarf. We can't sledge in this thaw.
Then we must walk, said the Witch.
They go and the every moment the patches of green grew bigger and bigger, you can saw the sun and the blue sky between the trees tops. They going and goyng and Edmund saw the wonderful things, he saw a bird on the branch.
Faster, faster said, Witch
The sky became bluer and bluer, and there didn't was fog, the trees have become green.
This is Aslan work he destroyed the winter, said dwarf.

2. Then I see all changes in nature I feel comfortable like in home. I did not afraid the Aslan because he  is a good lion. I react very bad because she make animals a statue.

3. 1. Quarrels - ginčai
    2. Brat - vaikigalis
    3. Hunk - riekė
    4. Obey - paklusti
    5. Stale - sudžiuvęs 

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