Chapter 13

In chapter 13...

Edmund, White Witch and the dwarf was walking in the Stone Table. Edmund was very tired and hungry. The Witch and the dwarf were talking close beside him in low tones.
No, said the dwarf, it is no use now, o Queen. They must have reached the Stone Table by now.
Perhaps wolf bring us good news, said Witch.
They was walking and talking further...
Then the growl and a snarl Wolf  rushed up to them.
I have seen them they kill my captain, Maugrim they all there.
Go quickly and call out the giants and the werewolves and the spirits of those trees who are on our side and cal the other creatures. Come on quickly go and call them. The wolf galloped, Witch have thing about that. Go said dwarf to Edmund fast. He saw the Witch take off her outer mantle, her hands was terribly white.
Suddenly the witch said ''Prapare the victim,''. The dwarf undid Edmunds collar and folded back his shirt at the neck, then he took Edmunds hair and pulled his head back so that he had to raise his chin. After that Edmund heard a strange noise, whizz whizz whizz. He couldn't thing that it was, suddenly he realised that is sound of a knife being sharpened. He had heard loud shouts of every direction he heard the creatures, the scream from the Witch. And then he found he was being untied. He heard  kind voices they was talking one another about Witch, dwarf and other things. This creatures was animals who sent Aslan to save the Edmund and this animal have brought back him to the Stone Table. Then the others childrens woke up next morning they first thing that they heard from Mrs Beaver was that the Edmund save and he brought to the camp last night. They breakfasted as soon as they can and go to the camp there was Edmund and Aslan, they was walking together on the grass. The Aslan talking with Edmund very silently that the childrens cannot heard them so they walk nearer to the Aslan. Aslan said to the childrens here is your brother and don't talk to him about past.
Edmund said I'm back and I'm sorry. The no one don't now that to say. Suddenly one of the leopards said to the Aslan.- Sire there is as messenger from the enemy who craves audience.
Led him approach, said Aslan.
The leoprad went away and soon returned leading the Witch's dwarf.
What is your message? asked Aslan
The queen wants to speak with you.
Said her that I grant her safe conduct on condition that she leaves her wand behind her at that great oak.
The two leopards went back with the dwarf to see that the conditions were properly carried out.
But she turns the leopards into stones? whispered Lucy to Peter. The leopards think the same.
A few minutes later the Whitch walked out on the top of the hill and came straight across and stood before Aslan. The three childrens who have never seen her was shudders. The Witch talking to all with anger. She was talking with Aslan and with the oders creatures this dialog was very long.
But suddenly the Aslan said fall back, all of you and I will talk to the Witch alone. They all obeyed. No one didn't heard that talking Aslan and the Witch. All creatures was waiting. About ten minutes later the Aslan said you can all come back. She renounced the claim on your brother's blood.

The question.

a) The creatures have came to save the Edmund that the Witch didn't do something bad to Edmund.
b) I thing that Aslan told to Edmund that he never meet with the Witch because she can do something bad to Edmund and the other creatures or people.
c) No.

5 words:

1. Collar - apykaklÄ— - anything worn or placed around the neck.
2. Shudder - drebÄ—ti - a convulsive movement of the body, as from horror, fear, or cold.
3. Deny - paneikti - to state that (something declared or believed to be true) is not true.
4. Obeyed - pakluso - to comply with or follow the commands, restrictions, wishes, or instructions of.
5. Renounce - atsisakyti - to give up or put aside voluntarily.


  1. Question B.
    Why do you think that White Wich can do something bad to Edmund ?

  2. She does bad things to animals and other creatures so I think that she can do something bad to Edmund as well.

  3. When you were writing the blog , how were you feeling about Edmund. Imagine you are Edmund , and what do you expect from the white witch ?

  4. Matas,you did a really good job,but i think its too much conversation :)

  5. How do you think or Aslan afraid the Witch?

  6. Good sumary,words,answers.Your sumary was really interesting but too much long. Everything is great