Chapter 12

Chapter twelve

While the dwarf and White Witch were saying this, miles away the Beavers and the children were walking on hour after hour into what seemed a delicious dream. The childrens saw a wonderful summer landscape, they realized that the White Witch no longer can't use her sledge. So they didn't hurry so much and they have much rests. They have walk very long then the sun got low and the light got redder and the shadows got longer and the flowers began to think about closing. Suddenly the Mr. Beaver said:- not long now and the Mr. Beaver began leading them. Suddenly they have reached the top. And they saw a wonderful green space from which you could look down on the forest spreading. They saw the stone table and a few minutes later they heard the music on their right they turning in that direction and they saw that they have reached the see. They saw the Aslan and the other animals and creatures. They was stearing at the lion and the Mr. Beaver said:- go on. No you first said Peter. The Peter grab his sword and raised it to the salute and hastily saying to the others come on. Peter advanced to the Lion and said: We have come - Aslan.
Welcome, Peter, Son of Adam, said Aslan. Welcome Susan and Lucy, Daughters of Eve. Welcome He-Beaver and She-Beaver. And there is the fourth? asked Aslan.
He has tried to betray them and joined the White Witch. Said Mr. Beaver. Ladies take these Daughters of Eve to the pavilion and minister to them. Come son of Adam I show you a far-off sight of the castle where you are to be King. Then they reached the eastern edge of the hilltop. They saw valleys, hills.
That O Man, said Aslan is Cair Paravel of the four thrones, in one of which you must sit as King. You are the first -born so you will be High King over all the rest. Sudenlly he heard the Aslan shouted Quick, quick centaurs, eagles I see another wolf in the thickets. The all creatures disappeared into the gathering darkness.
You have forgotten to clean your sword, said Aslan.
It's true. He stooped down and wiped it quite clean on the grass, and then wiped it quite dry on his coat.
Whatever happens don't forget to wipe your sword.

2 question.

I think that they are part of narnia because they don't like White Witch and they  preparing to kill her. Also the Aslan said that the childrens will be the kings. So it show that they are important and they belong there. (the answer is:- yes)

3 question.
1. Dense - tankus
2.Unchanging - nekintantys
3. Kneel - atsiklaupti
4. Bugle - ragas
5. Blame - kalte


  1. I noticed that you write dialog in almost every second sentence. But I liked it. :) Also I missed your picture.

  2. Where is your Question and 5 word`s from chapter 12?